Live, My Darling, Live!

Happy Aries season loves! Oh what a roller coaster life has been the past few months, and year, if I’m being honest. Growing up, we thought our folks, aunties and uncles had it all figured out. But if there’s anything life has taught me over the past year is that they were literally taking it a day at a time. And so have I. I usually have a weekly mantra/quote that I try to live by daily and it changes every week. This week’s has been:

Gas yourself up. Build yourself up. Compliment yourself often. Love yourself loudly and unapologetically. And commit to the things that fulfil you. I promise, the world will adjust.

So I’ve made it my intention to do at least 1 self care practice and 1 thing that fulfils me every single day. Yesterday cleaning my apartment was the most fulfilling thing I did and speaking up about things that were heavy on my heart to a friend was my form of self care. Today’s self care involved masking and a soak in the tub while my grocery run was extremely fulfilling. Are you seeing a pattern here with the cleaning and the grocery run? I’m ready to become the rich wife who selects China and flower arrangements. 🙂

As I thought of things that fulfil me, I thought of writing. I still write..I journal often. But then I remembered how fulfilling it was to share my experiences with you. To hear your stories after you read one of my posts and to hear how much it resonated with you.

I am an Aries baby and as I usher in my birthday month, I would like to extend a gift to myself and to you loves. And the gift is to continue to write and share my experiences no matter how small or big. And to also plan better so that I can share at least 1 video a week over there by the streets of YouTube.

Thank you for sticking around and thank you for making this platform worthwhile. Do take care of yourselves. Remember to mask, sanitize, social distance and drink your Java dawas/multivitamins. See you next week. 🙂

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