Life Lately: Where to Begin?

Hey loves! I’ve been seated here biting my cuticles for about 15 minutes wondering what to share with you. And I figured, why not share the truth- my truth in this moment. Thing is, writing has been on my to do list since the beginning of the month. So today, I purposed to sit here and write- no matter what.

When 2020 started, we were all excited for this new decade. I, for one, had already figured out the things I wanted to achieve by the year’s end: The number of books I wanted to read, the amount of money I wanted to make, the places I wanted to travel to, the types of wine I wanted to try and the things on my wish list that I wanted to tick off. But little did I know that COVID-19 would come and disrupt, not just my plans, but everyone else’s.

I don’t do well with unexpected surprises, especially if they’re out to disrupt my plans. But this year has taught me to not just be open to things not going my way but to also expect and embrace it. If you follow me on Instagram, you will notice that I haven’t posted in about 3 weeks. This is because something totally unexpected happened and I decided to embrace it as an opportunity to take time off social media.

Instead of reaching for my phone, I’ve been practicing more self-love than I have in a long time: I’ve been reading a lot more, discovering Youtubers I otherwise wouldn’t have watched, practicing restorative yoga, journaling, managing my finances quite decently & saving a lot more, checking in on my friends, decluttering my gadgets, re-reading Dama’s gems of wisdom and utilising my Netflix subscription. Oh, here I am trying to utilise my WordPress subscription too! 🙂

I’m in the pursuit of progress, not perfection, and doing more things that make me feel fulfilled at the end of the day is part of that progress. Then I repeat them the next day and the day after that, and if I happen to fall off for a day (or five), I just pick up right where I left off. Because by an inch or a mile, forward motion is the only requirement honey!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little life update and I wish you a wonderful progressive week. Please remember to stay safe, wash your hands/sanitise regularly and wear a protective masks when outside. See ya in the next post! 🙂

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Wariara says:

    You never go wrong when you take time to make an investment on yourself. 😘🖤


  2. WambuiKogi says:

    Thank you for the much needed reminder bbg ♥️


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