We’re Still Here!

I hope it’s not too late to say, Happy New Year loves! My have I missed you and this space. Giiirl, how you been? Have you been drinking your water? Have you been minding your business? Have you been staying moisturised and in your bag? 🙂

Your girl has had such a busy week, I’m officially part of the tired girls world wide. Tired and grateful. Tired but we keep pushing. Tired but we still find time for the things that matter. All the same, we’re still here. 😉

Can I be honest with you? My biggest challenge with this platform is that this is my space. This isn’t Instagram where I post which wine I’m drinking or which book I’m reading. This is my space to be honest about where I’m at in life, how I’m feeling, what I’m learning and what I’m loving. And so it’s not as schedulable (I know it’s not a word but stay with me, it’ll make sense) as an IG post. And I know this is no valid excuse for my inconsistency on here but I’d like you to understand where I’m coming from. And I appreciate you so much for always coming back, truly. 🙂

Have you been working on your goals this past month? Or did 2019 take so much from you that you don’t think you have it in you to face more disappointment? Let me remind you that the failure couldn’t keep you down, nor could the loss, nor could the heartbreak, nor could the depression, nor could the loneliness. You went through all that and yet you’re still here, because God has a purpose for your life. Even when it’s hard to believe. A purpose greater than anything you’ve gone through. A purpose tied to other people: Someone somewhere is waiting for you to write the song so that it can pull them out of the rut they’ve been in. And someone somewhere is waiting for that tutorial to drop so they can fall in love with makeup. And someone somewhere is waiting for you to apply for the job because they’ve been looking for someone exactly like you.

Girl, put your best foot forward this year. Show up for life. Be intentional about it. Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. And do it unapologetically. Involve God in all that you do because you know what? The secret is God. Not the financing you’re waiting for. Not the promotion you’re hoping for. Not the qualifications you think you have or don’t have. The secret is God. And whenever you doubt or forget, come back to this post and remind yourself..again and again. I know I will. Because this post is as much for me as it is for you. And I hope it meets you exactly where you are.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday loves! See you in the next post! 🙂

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Thank you girl for this reminder. It was needed!


  2. Wariara says:

    Such a blessing😇😇😇

    Great to see you as well😘


  3. WambuiKogi says:

    So glad it was helpful girl!


  4. WambuiKogi says:

    Thanks girlie!


  5. I’m so grateful to God for you!
    I don’t even think you understand the depth!
    You may be an online sister but God has put you in my life for a divine purpose!♥️
    God bless you Kogi!

    Keep shining!
    And because you used this platform to share in the secrets of God I’m awaiting for a miracle testimony this year!


  6. WambuiKogi says:

    Aaaaw! thank you girlie & for always speaking life! 💞
    Amen to that sis, from your lips to God’s ears 🙏🏾


  7. Ivy Opicho says:

    Whenever I’m in doubt I come back to this post and remind myself….I know I will,and it meets me exactly where I am.


  8. WambuiKogi says:

    Oh girl, thank you! This is what this space is for..come back as often as you need to. I know I do


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