The Most Unusual

Hey loves! How’s your week coming along? This is my last week at my current work and I’m super excited but nostalgic at the same time. There’s a lot I will miss but onwards and upwards honey! 🙂

Remember how I told you that I started drinking gin in last week’s post? We had our book club meeting this past weekend and were discussing a book with a peculiar story line while sipping on the most unusual gin. 🙂

Hendrick’s Gin use cucumbers and rose botanicals in their distillation process and has a flavour unique to itself, hence why it’s the most unusual gin. Hendrick’s is available at most liquor stores and also on Jumia for about Kes.4,100. 🙂

Our book club has been exploring African authored books this year and over the weekend, we discussed Blackass by A. Igoni Barrett. Imagine going to sleep black but waking up white with blue eyes and blonde or brunette hair? Only to later discover that your ass is still black, a constant reminder of who you used to be.

The book is set in Lagos, Nigeria and the main character, Furo, finds himself in this predicament on the morning of an interview. At 29 years of age, he had gone through a series of failed interviews since he graduated from Uni. This change in his being proves to be beneficial because he goes for the interview and gets a better job offer than what was initially on the table. The book takes us through his story of luck, privilege and struggle as Furo navigates and embraces this new identity. It also takes us through his family’s futile search of the Furo they knew and loved. You can get Blackass from Text Book Centre at Kes.1,250.

Wishing you a week filled with the most unusual blessings! 🙂

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