Red, Sweet & Sparkling!

Happy new week loves! First of all, thank you so much for all of the love you showed on last week’s blog post. It was a bit overwhelming but I’m super grateful to you lot. How was your weekend? Yesterday was a wash day and you know how that goes, my arms are now kidogo Click here to check out my wash day essentials in case you haven’t yet. 🙂

I decided to make this space about things that matter to me: self love, balance, experiences, wine, books and life. So once a month, I’ll be sharing a bit about wine. If you’re a wine lover or if you’re curious about wine, you’ll totally enjoy this post. If not, I’ll catch you next week sis! 🙂

I used to be a whisky drinker at some point in my life. You’d always find me and my girls with a bottle of Johnnie Walker, Grants, Jack Daniel’s or Famous Grouse. Well, up until I got tired of cringing every time I took a sip so I decided to find something I enjoy and don’t have to cringe while drinking. And so my love journey with wine began! 🙂

Like most wine lovers, l started with some cheap bottom tier wines then grew from there. I’m an absolute sweet tooth so I naturally gravitate towards sweeter wine options. Mind you most wine connoisseurs don’t think much of sweet wines, unless they’re dessert wines.

As a result, I felt like an imposter when people started calling me a “wine connoisseur” and asking me for wine recommendations. I felt like it wasn’t my space and I was just doing the basics, I wasn’t a pro. But I’ve learnt a lot more about wine since then, having attended a few wine tastings and masterclasses. I’ve also learnt to be proud of what I like, despite possible judgement from wine experts. 🙂

I must put it out there that I love ALL GOOD wines. Regardless of whether they’re dry, sweet, blends, red or rosé. However, I gravitate more towards semi-sweet red wines, rosés and sparkling wines. I also like a few dry wines, depending on what I’m paring them with.

I was at the Village Cellar doing my monthly wine shopping a year ago when I stumbled upon the love of my life: Fragolino Rosso. It’s a red semi-sweet sparkling Italian wine and some of the best I’ve ever had. Considering that most sparkling wines are either white or rosé, I was really intrigued to find a red variant.

Unfortunately, the importers closed down so it’s no longer available locally. I tried out a few of the Fragolino’s that are available in the market but non of them was as good. Save for the one available at La Dolce Vita, which was the closest to Rosso. It’s available per the bottle and I think it goes for about Kes.3,000.

In case you come across Fragolino Rosso, please say hi and let me know where I can find it. In the mean time, looks like I have to plan a trip to Italy so I can drink all the Fragolino Rosso and eat all the pizza my heart desires.

Fun Fact: I started drinking gin recently but that’s a story for another day.

What are some of your go to drinks? Wishing you an amazing and favour filled week loves! 🙂

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