Secure the Bag Sis: Protect Your Peace

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Happy Saturday loves! How has your week been? Heh, your girl has been going through it but we live to see another day darlings! Despite everything, I baked a nice moist banana bread, I’ve been reaching for my current read a lot more and I had tons of fun celebrating my bestie’s birthday last night. #yaytosmallwins 🙂

I shared a post on my Instastories about securing the bag and how relative the bag is. It doesn’t have to be monetary. Peace of mind can be your bag, happiness can be your bag, checking your own energy can be your bag. The bag is whatever you’re working towards, the thing you can’t allow others to interfere with. For me, it’s peace and (of course) money. What’s yours? 🙂

I was talking to a friend the other day about the spaces we were both in in our careers and personal lives. And the one thing that stood out was peace. I am personally in a space where I only have room for things that bring me peace. This means if something gives me anxiety, I don’t have time for it. If it gives me a migraine, I have to remember to take my power back because it’s never that serious. If it frustrates me and I can’t change it, I accept that it is what it is.

Growing up, I was a huge people pleaser but I am currently learning not to let the opinions, thoughts and decisions of others interfere with my bag. I am learning that there’s a Pharaoh in every story and that’s okay. I am learning to stand my ground and only choose what’s best for me. I’m also learning that I don’t like bullies AT ALL and that adult bullies are the worse.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend loves despite the lousy-ish weather! 🙂

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