Life Lately: Short & Sweet!

Hey loves! I’ve missed you guys! How have you been? How has life been lately? I just had an overall body check up done and fortunately, everything checked out fine. From my body weight to my BMI to my body fat to my metabolic age (which is 1 year younger than my actual age. Whoop! Whoop!). The things no one told you about adulting: As you grow older, you have to be more intentional about caring for your body. You can no longer “cheat day” your way through life darling. 😦

I had taken a 2 week online hiatus and I’m honestly so glad I did. I have learnt how to make conversation instead of scrolling through my IG feed. To reach more for my current read rather than my phone. To be more fixated on being present for experiences rather than on posting on my feed. To spend more time with my offline friends than with my online ones. And I hope I can keep doing these things even now that I am back online. 🙂

I am really grateful for life you guys! To be able to work, think, laugh, love and create memories. To have the opportunity to work on becoming the very best version of myself and pouring my all into every project I handle. To live in this beautiful peaceful country I call home. To have friends I can count on and work in an amazing work environment doing something I love. To make lovely online friends like you lot who constantly engage with my content. Life is beautiful, hey? And there is always something to be grateful for 🙂

And on that note, I will be sharing blogposts on Mondays and Fridays from this week to the end of September. Let me know what kind of content you would like to see more of and if there are any specific topics you would like me to share about. I love you lot and I’m wishing you an incredible week! 🙂

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