Dealing with Bouts of Sadness

Happy hump day loves! How is your week coming along? Mine has been pretty busy with highs and lows but I can’t complain because despite everything, I still have so much to be grateful for. 🙂

I’ve been randomly finding myself in and out of sad phases these past few months and I couldn’t understand why until earlier this week when a single message/lesson kept popping up through the smallest things. Like the posts on my feed and in the podcasts I was listening to. The lesson was simple but not so simple: Trust the process.

How many times have we heard this phrase? In inspirational books and social media posts. We see it everywhere but do we really understand what it means? The process is where God refines and sharpens us. That is where He prepares us for the next level of our lives. He would much rather withhold something from you than give it to you when you are not ready. Knowing and accepting this reality is the first step to overcoming that sadness. 🙂

I realised that the reason I kept feeling sad is because I had my own idea of where I should be but my reality didn’t entirely match the idea I had. I was frustrated because I kept having to start again and again when I fell off the workout wagon, or the 2L of water a day wagon, or the morning devotion wagon, or the night time skin care routine wagon, or the consistent blog post wagon. I was frustrated because according to me, I was doing my best but still didn’t seem to be getting it right.

And with that realisation came the realisation that perhaps I was going through those phases because someone else was going through the same and needed me to share my experience. Sometimes God puts us through certain situations, not just for us to learn from them but for others to learn as well. And this, loves, is the main purpose of my blog- everything else is simply content I enjoy sharing with you. 😉

This post is for you. Yes you, going through a bad breakup. And you, who’s been watching God open doors for others around you yet you are still applying for jobs and waiting for yours to open. And you, who is struggling to love and accept certain parts of yourself. And you, who thinks that your work is not good enough. And you, who is struggling to make and/or keep friends. This is for all of you. And this is for me too because I am human and I have struggles.

I hope this post encourages you to embrace your season of obscurity- your season of planting and waiting. In the Bible, David didn’t just sit around waiting to be king. He was busy taking care care of his father’s flock and doing it with excellence. When a lion and a bear came to attack the sheep, he killed them with his bare hands (pun intended ;)). So when he was faced with the task of defeating Goliath, he wasn’t starting from scratch because he had used his season of obscurity to perfect his skills, even when no one was looking and when everyone was looking, he killed Goliath with a sling and smooth stones- bringing glory to God.

What are you doing in your season or obscurity? Are you staying home and watching Netflix all day? Are you putting yourself down and telling yourself that you have failed? Are you comparing yourself to everyone on your feed? Or are you learning skills that can help improve your skills & passion? Are you using your time to be a blessing to others? Are you working on your mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing?

I cannot thank you enough for always clicking the link to my blog posts and sending me lovely encouraging messages when I go MIA from social media. You constant and consistent support never goes unnoticed love. 🙂

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  1. Diana says:



  2. elvismuneria says:

    So therapeutic.


  3. WambuiKogi says:



  4. WambuiKogi says:

    Thanks Elvis!


  5. Rahab says:

    This was definitely for me


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