A Time to Reset -With Lomon Juice

Rise & Shine from Lomon Juice Bar. Ingredients: Oranges, Carrots & Ginger

Happy Hump Day loves! How is your week coming along? I hope May is being good to you and yours. May is the month that leads to the middle of the year; a month to pause and reflect on how the year has been so far. To identify whether you are on the right path or whether you need to redirect your sails.

As I looked back on my year, especially the previous (birthday) month, I realised that I have not been taking the best care of my mind and body. I have been eating a lot of greasy fast food , drinking more wine than water and spending more time on my phone than I do reading a book.

With that in mind, I decided to stop ignoring my phone’s 3hour screen time alert and instead spend more time reading “Becoming” by Michelle Obama, which I need to finish by the end of the month. I am also in the middle of a 5 day cleanse that is aimed at resetting my body and only give it the nutrients it needs. The cleanse is basically an 80% liquid diet that looks like this:

  • A morning juice shot
  • A smoothie for breakfast (I have been using Almond Milk instead of cow milk)
  • 2 cold pressed juices from mid-morning to evening (basically when I am at work)
  • Lemon or orange water during the day
  • A salad for dinner

This cleanse is courtesy of Lomon Juice Bar who make quality cold pressed juices and almond milk with no added sugar or preservatives. While the juices are made fresh daily, the milk is made on order and they are both pretty affordable. And because I am the discount Queen, you can use the code LomonCleanse to get 30% off. The code expires on the 4th of June, how incredible is that? They have a store at Westfield Mall in Lavington (same building as Quickmart Lavington) where you can go sample and get your juices from. Alternatively, you could place your order through their website and add the code at checkout.

I hope this post encourages you to look back and see how well you have been treating your mind, body, time and work. I hope you are happy with what you see and that you start working on the things you are not happy with. Do enjoy the rest of your week loves and look out for the next post that will be out on Saturday! 🙂

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