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Happy new month loves! Are you as excited as I am about April? I am such a sucker for new beginnings and April has always provided that fresh start for me every year. 🙂

Are you a naturalist or do you have texturised/permed hair? I have been a naturalist all my life and thanks to my genes, I have constantly had full(ish) edges and dense kinky 4C hair. Contrary to popular belief, even “good” hair becomes damaged and unhealthy if not properly cared for. I ended up with thinned edges and weak hair when in high school because of excessive heat used trying to achieve bone straight hair that mimicked permed hair.

Once I finished high school, I noticed a lot of natural hair bloggers popping up, encouraging us to embrace our kinks and curls. I followed some of their hair journeys but never quite applied their techniques when it came to taking care of my own hair. Mostly because I found their processes too lengthy and time consuming. I mean; pre-poo, co-wash, condition, apply treatment and do a LOC method twist out? Not to mention how expensive natural hair products are. I preferred my hassle free salon appointments where I had someone else wash, treat and blow-dry my hair.

However, over time, I started trying out different techniques in order to restore my hair and give it what it needed to stay healthy. I learnt what oils work best for my hair and what helps retains my hair moisture. I learnt which braided styles damage my hair line and which ones are gentle. I also learnt to stop seeing my God given gorgeous hair as a “bad hair day”. This month marks the longest I have stayed with my hair in it’s natural state (not braided or under a wig) and I have learnt to genuinely love it and enjoy take care of it, especially since I made this part of my self care 🙂

I occasionally use heat and since my hair is currently bleached, it needs a bit more attention than it used to before. In the next hair post, I will share a few tips for anyone who has considered bleaching their hair as well as time friendly tips that have helped keep my hair happy and moisturised. Wishing you all a lovely week! 🙂

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  1. champagneviolinist says:

    I’m a naturalista but it’s so much work! Still staying natural though 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️


  2. WambuiKogi says:

    The secret is hydrating. Wet your hair as you shower every morning and it’ll save you lots of time/effort 🙂


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