Loveless Relationships?

Happy new month loves! Are you excited about March? How was February for you? Mine was productive, adventurous, content and frustrating all at once but I am grateful for it all. 🙂

As we leave behind the month of love, I figured we could talk about something we don’t really talk about yet we have all experienced. I stand to be corrected but haven’t we all been in loveless relationships? We knew we wanted better yet we still settled for less. We knew in our hearts we deserved so much more but we still stayed for fear that we were neither enough nor deserving. Where we experienced emotional, mental and sometimes physical abuse yet we still stayed.

This is the year we take our power back. It’s time to constantly choose ourselves and learn to put our needs first. Sometimes, you don’t need to have a reason to end something. The mere fact that you want to end it is reason enough. It’s time to stop taking on other people’s problems as your own – unless you want to.

One of the things that has helped me is affirming everyday that:

I am only attracting the things that are meant for me and releasing everything that isn’t. Every thought, habit and person. I release them and I speak peace in their place.

See, ehn, don’t let anything stress you unnecessarily. Keep your cortisol levels low as often as you can, catch yourself slipping and stop yourself from putting the needs of undeserving people before your own.

More self love baby girl!

Wishing you a lovely and fulfilling week 🙂

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