Life Update & Diani Diaries

Happy New Month loves! How are you? How was January for you? I hope you and all your loved ones are all well, despite the attack that happened. My prayers are with every single person who was directly affected by the same.

 I’m not sure that I have one word to describe what January was like for me. I started the month off with travel, got back to work, did a 4-day juice cleanse, started working towards my goals, then the attack happened and it pushed me someplace I wasn’t ready to be just yet because it hit so close to home. And it reminded me of the importance of being present for life’s moments. Of having an open heart. And in the words of Dama “..of continuing to love myself and those around me out loud in ways that are liberating and honest and vulnerable.”

One of the things I want to do more of and be present for is travel, both locally and internationally. I want to go to places I have never been and do things I have never done. I want to check destinations off my bucket list, chase sunsets and wake up to the sound of birds chirping. I got a chance to go for a short trip to Diani so here I am, ready to spill all the tea about it. 🙂


We travelled using the morning train, though I would highly recommend catching a flight or taking the night bus instead. Some people have had terrible experiences when using night buses but I can totally vouch for Oxygen buses. The seats are comfortable & spacious, the AC works perfectly and the drivers are not too reckless.


We stayed at Lantana Galu and everything about the suites & villas were amazing. They come with a fully equipped kitchen so you can opt to cook for yourselves. The villas are bigger than the suites and some villas even have plunge pools, in addition to the two other pools within the property. The main restaurant and the main pool overlook the beach, which has a breathtaking view! 🙂


The suites & villas were serviced daily and the staff were very kind. However, service at the restaurant was sometimes slow, especially when everyone went down for breakfast at the same time. Breakfast was great and the rest of the meals were good but I’ve had better elsewhere.


  • 2 bedroom suites from Kes. 28,000/-
  • 3 bedroom suites from Kes.32,000/-
  • 3 bedroom villas from Kes.48,000/-


If you, like me, don’t like to cook when on holiday, I would recommend having meals on half-board and going out for lunch as you explore Diani. The pork ribs at Lantana were delicious, although a bit heavy on the garlic. Bidi Badu and Sand & Nomad are other great restaurants to try out. Some fun activities you can do are snorkelling or sailing to the coral reef. And if you would like discounted rates to stay at Lantana, let me know and I will definitely sort you out! 🙂

Photo Diary

Other than the slow service during busy hours and slightly bland meals (aside from breakfast), my overall stay at Lantana was nothing short of amazing and I definitely plan on going back. I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you to travel more this year! Wishing you all a great weekend. 🙂

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