Body Confidence Part II: Insecurities

IMG_4413 2.JPG

Happy Hump Day Loves! I hope your week is coming along great and you manage to achieve all that you set out to do! I want to begin by thanking you for all the love you showed on my last post which introduced this series. 🙂

October has been an eventful month for me and one of the events I got to attend was Dîner En Blanc, Nairobi.  It is basically an all white event held at an exclusive location that is normally disclosed on the day of the event. And when I say all white, I mean all white. From your outfit, to the decor, to the dinnerware, all of it.

Then I your girl messed up and failed to get her all white outfit until 2 days to the event but when she finally did, it was a gorgeous white jumpsuit that pushed her to embrace one of her insecurities.

Growing up, I was always the late bloomer and everything seemed to be growing so slowly. When some of my age-mates had started wearing bras, I had not even developed boobies. When all my friends’ boobies grew, mine were still non-existent and it made me very insecure about mine. So when they finally grew and I started wearing bra’s, I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house without one. Well, until I came across the jumpsuit in question which forced me to go braless (TMI, I know). It put me in a situation where I had to publicly embrace my itty bitties and wear them out confidently. And truth be told, I am mighty glad that I did it. 😉

With 2 weeks remaining to the end of October, I hope this post encourages you to address and embrace your own little insecurities. And I hope when you see a beautiful picture of a girl slaying on Instagram, you do not compare yourself to her because she too, like you, may be battling her own insecurities. Wishing you nothing short of an amazing week loves! 🙂



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