10 Lessons Learnt in 10 Years of Friendship


IMG_3859Happy Hump Day loves! How is your week coming along? I hope everything is going your way! 🙂

We celebrated one of my girls’ birthday over brunch this past weekend and it was nothing short of amazing! We had made a habit of traveling during her birthday since it’s normally summer and low season but unfortunately we could not travel this time due to unavoidable circumstances, so we decided to go for the all you can eat brunch at Nyama Mama instead.

One of our birthday rituals is a gratitude talk where everyone says at least 5 things they are grateful for (in detail) and we make a toast to them! This year was no different. And it made us acknowledge that the 3 of us have been friends for about 10 years or more (we lost track).

Friendship is one of the things I truly value and it’s all about quality over quantity baby! 😉

Don’t get me wrong, we sometimes get on each others last nerve (particularly the birthday girl). However, over our years of friendship, we have each learnt a few things that we figured we could share with you. Here are 10 lessons that we have learnt during our 10 years of friendship:

  1. People make time for those who matter. I have personally learnt that no one is ever too busy, it’s just a matter of where you lie on their priority list.
  2. NEVER take “I am good” for an answer when you ask your friends how they are. Detailed answers are much better because “I am good” is too vague sis. What is good? How is work? How is school? Talked to your crush yet? What book are you reading?
  3. Be there for your friends, even the ‘strong’ ones—even they need a shoulder to lean on. And if you are the ‘strong’ one, please allow your friends to be there for you sis! 🙂
  4. Have the hard conversations and do not be afraid to be called out when you are wrong. Also, do not take it personally when you are called out because it is being done from a place of love.
  5. Celebrate your friends’ wins, even the small ones. It could be the fact that they finally bought a pair of shoes that was on their wishlist or the fact that they secured a dream job. Be there, not just when things are bad but also when they are good.
  6. Do not give up on those you love. Elijah from the Originals was once asked why he always went above and beyond to save his brother, Niklaus, and he said “He is my brother. I will only stop when there will be nothing left to redeem”.
  7. Be grateful for everything. It could be something as small as your friend’s ability to make you laugh like no one else can or the fact that they call you during your lunch break everyday. Appreciate and be vocal about your gratitude because life is too short to do otherwise.
  8. Choose friends that help you grow. It’s good to have fun-times with your friends but it is also important to challenge each other. One of the girl’s has really good financial management skills that I admire so much and have learnt from over time.
  9. Be honest with your friends. If they asks if their outfit/makeup is alright, please don’t lie, you cannot have your friend walking around looking like a clown sis. True friends do not do that.
  10. Have friends who have the same goals as you do. I personally love to travel and I am grateful that my friends do too because it means that we get to frequently go for holidays together.



What are some of the lessons that you have learnt through your close friends or siblings? Do enjoy the rest of your week loves! 🙂

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