Starting Again & Again…


Happy new month loves! sigh! Where do I even begin? I cannot seem to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s June already and we are almost done with the first half of the year. How have you all been? How has the first half of the year been for you? I would really like to know and talk to you guys, so feel free to comment below or send me a DM via Instagram.

By virtue of our nature, human beings are constantly growing and evolving, right? So a lot of things change over time; our hobbies, interests, beliefs, experiences, perceptions and the works. When I started this blog, I ideally wanted it to be a platform where I would share recipes and a few bits about my life and experiences. But over time, it became more about life & experiences than it was about recipes, particularly because I rarely spent time in the kitchen..and that hasn’t changed. This is just a reminder that as I grow and evolve, so will my content. Don’t get it wrong folks, I still love bomb meals and I often share details about my meal & restaurant preferences on my social media, so follow me on there if you haven’t yet.

I have been putting off content creation and blogging for a while now, generally because I did not know what to share and how receptive you would be to the shift in content that I intend to make. But a friend of mine was talking to me the other day and he said “just start somewhere, people will love your content simply because you do” (Shout-out to all the friends who speak life into their friends man!). And just like that, there was a shift.

So here I am, starting again..because fearless and driven are a lethal combination. And besides, my love for sharing is too strong to be suppressed (My Snapchat fam can relate. Handle: @kogi_love).

So here is a message for you if, like me, you have been putting off something simply because of fear of the unknown:

Everything that you are is enough, don’t let the self-imposed prison called fear make you forget that 🙂

Also, below are some amazing shots taken by Victor Maina at K1 the other day.  I think you will all concur with the fact that he’s got mad skills and those edits are a whole vibe! Feel free to follow him on his socials if you haven’t yet. 😉




Keep warm and enjoy the rest of your week loves! 🙂


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