Hello 2018!

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Happy New Year loves! How is the new year taking you so far? I am so excited about 2018 and I hope that you are all as excited and ready to make 2018 your best year yet! When I was coming up with my content schedule for the month, I got a bit confused about what to share as the first post of the year. But then I figured, what better way to start than with a recap of 2017? Do have a great read! 🙂

Biggest Accomplishments: Sharing my truth with you guys, purchasing my DLSR Camera, travelling more, becoming more consistent here on the blog and reading 2 books a month.

Best Memories: The girl’s trip to Diani, travelling to South Africa, attending the 4th of July dinner, finally launching my website, my birthday dinner and spending the holidays with family.

Biggest Obstacles: Comparison, time wasting and caring what others think.

Top 5 Products: The Blogger Ettiquette eBook by Lola Akinkuowo, The Myleik Teele Podcast, Oprah’s Supersoul Conversations, the 4:44 Album and the Oh So Heavenly Body Wash.

Most Memorable Phrases: Learning, growing, glowing and evolving.

Most Embarrassing Moment: At my former place of work, we always put the CEO in copy whenever we sent emails. So there is this one time when I was at work, my mind was all over the place and I needed to send out my CV to a potential employer before a given deadline. When I sent it out, my mind had not registered that this was a personal email and not a work-related email so I accidentally put my CEO in copy. I was literally so embarrassed when he responded, so much so that I stopped sending out my CV from the office.

Regrets: Placing my happiness in the hands of others, not trusting my gut when I knew I should have and being blind to red flags that were right in front of me.

Lessons Learnt: The importance of mental health, gratitude, self love and having a centered spirit. Comparison is the thief of joy. Thoughts really do become things. Never fear taking a leap of faith because God will always come through.

Goals for 2018: To keep sharing my truth, put out more quality content, work with brands that honor who I am,  host an event, read more books, listen more, drink more water, fall in love with myself and have an overflowing cup.

What are some of your highlights, lessons and embarrassing moments from 2017? Wishing you all a productive week! 🙂


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