The Magical Kitchen: Self-Growth Sunday


Happy Sunday loves! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend as much as I have! I am so grateful because I only have one more exam to go then I can officially join the festivities’ bandwagon. Whoop! Whoop! The past two weeks have truly reminded me that thoughts really do become things. Keep believing loves! 🙂

I know that you must be wondering, what is this ‘magical kitchen’ that I speak of? Well, as you may already know, I love all things books. Early last year, a friend recommended two life changing books by Don Miguel Ruiz, one of them being the Mastery of Love.

In all his books, Don Miguel begins by sharing the history of the Toltec, a community of scientists and artists from southern Mexico who were referred to as women and men of knowledge. They explored and conserved spiritual knowledge and practices of the ancient ones. They came together as masters (naguals) at a place outside Mexico City known as the place where ‘Man Becomes God’. The Toltec knowledge was passed down through generations by different nagual lineages. Don Miguel Ruiz, from the Eagle Knight lineage, has been guided to share the powerful teachings of the Toltec with the world.

In the book, he tells the story of the Magical Kitchen which is a kitchen that gives you access to any food you would like in whatever quantity and it is right inside your home. So whenever anyone comes to visit you, you share your food with them unconditionally, without expecting anything in return. You simply share for the pleasure and joy of it. Then one day, someone knocks at your door with a 2-week old pizza and says, ‘I will give you this pizza if you do whatever I want you to do. You will never starve because I can bring you pizza everyday, you just have to be good to me’.

As a reflex reaction, you will probably look at this person like there is something extremely wrong with them because you don’t need their food and their conditions, you can even make a better pizza than the one they are offering in your own kitchen.

Now imagine an opposite scenario where you have not eaten for several weeks and the same person comes by with the same crusty 2-week old pizza and offers it to you. Your kitchen is empty and you have no money to buy any food. So what do you do? You accept the pizza and the conditions from this person.

The state of the kitchen refers to self-love. If your kitchen is full, you will say ‘no thank you!’ to anyone who wants to love you with conditions because your energy will automatically reject any person or energy that seeks to love you with conditions. You will simply give them your love and move on. But if your kitchen is empty, you will accept any conditions that come with love because you have inadequate self-love for yourself: I will love you if you let me treat you a certain way, if you have a certain body type or personality and the works. You will become ‘needy’ because you expect this other person to love you and fill the void left by your lack of self-love. Remember that any form of love begins with self-love, that is why the greatest commandment is that of love: Love your neighbor as you love yourself. You have to love yourself first in order for you to be able to love your neighbor.

Fill your cup and let the world benefit from your overflow!

I’d like to challenge all of you this week to be honest with yourself as you identify the state of your kitchen: Is it full or empty?

I really hope you enjoyed this post like I enjoyed sharing it with you guys. Feel free to subscribe below if you haven’t already so you can get email alerts every time I publish a post. Also, stay tuned for Wednesday’s post and have an amazing week loves!

Love & Light!


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