Places to Eat in Sandton, Johannesburg

Steak & Mashed.jpg

Happy Friday loves! How is your week coming along? I have spent mine doing my finals, hence why this week’s post is a bit late. I really cannot wait for next Friday to get here so I can actually be done with them and I can officially start holidaying!

A big thank you to every single one of you who participated in the giveaway and sent me photos. I hope that you make kindness part of your lifestyle. Also be on the lookout for better giveaways coming soon! The winner for this one is Mercy Okoth. I will have reached out to her by the time this post goes up. 🙂

I got the opportunity to visit Sandton, Johannesburg in October and my experience was nothing short of amazing. The city is so beautiful and the people are oh so kind. In this post, I will be sharing a photo diary of some places to eat if you are ever in the city.  I hope that this post inspires you to travel more both locally and internationally come 2018. 🙂

JB’s Corner, Sandton City Mall

Footlong UpcloseFootlongPizza Birds EyePizzaWhole MealCaramel MilkshakeViews 1

Pappas, Nelson Mandela Square

Indoor Setup

Indoor SetupUpclose Indoor SetupIndoor Corner Setup

Outdoor Setup

Outdoor Setup.jpg



Food & Drinks

StarterChicken Flat LayChicken & Rice 1Steak & Mashed 1Carrot & Ginger JuiceNelson Mandela SquareViews

I wish you all a great weekend ahead! 🙂

Blessings & Blessings!

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