7 Days of Kindness Challenge + Giveaway


Happy Sunday loves! I hope you have had an amazing weekend. I spent my Saturday celebrating one of my sister’s graduation and I am currently resting and recharging in preparation for the coming week that will be quite busy.

Thanksgiving was on Thursday and the best thing about it, in countries like ours that do not celebrate it, is Black Friday. I hope you took full advantage of the sales like I did! Anyway, I digress. All the thanksgiving messages and festivities reminded me about the 21 Days of Kindness that I did leading to my 21st birthday.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind!

I was raised in a household where saying please, sorry and thank you was mandatory. And you had to mean it when you said it. There was this one time last month when I was crossing the road in between traffic in the CBD and I accidentally bumped into a girl and stepped on her shoes. I really hadn’t seen her so I apologized as I quickly crossed the road before the vehicles started moving. I remember hearing one of her friends say in a stunned voice, ‘Oh my goodness! She actually apologized!’ The shock in her voice went to show how common courtesy is not so common after all. If it were, she would not be shocked that I apologized to her friend for accidentally bumping into her. I have learnt that not everyone can be kind or courteous, but you can be. It all starts with you.

Be the change that you wish to see in the world!

Due to this, I am thrilled to introduce to you this 7 Days of Kindness Challenge and Giveaway that starts on Monday, 27th November and ends on Monday, 3rd December.  I will randomly pick 1 winner from the participants, they will choose their favorite recipe on my blog and I will prepare the meal then have it delivered to them.Alternatively, I will take you out to eat at one of my favorite restaurants. All you need to do to participate is really simple:

  1. Be subscribed on my blog. The subscribe button is at the bottom of the page.
  2. Follow me on Instagram.
  3. Like my Facebook Page.
  4. Pick any 7 acts of Kindness from the list below and do 1 each day during the 7 days.
  5. Share with me the 7 that you did and any lessons learnt from them. You get a higher chance of winning if you share some photos of the same. You can either do this through the contact section or via DM on Instagram.
  6. Winner will be announced by Wednesday on Instagram.

Unfortunately, the giveaway is only limited to people living in Nairobi due to delivery and logistics. However, feel free to participate in the Kindness Challenge regardless of whether you live in Nairobi or not. 🙂

7 Days of Kindness Challenge

  • Make a meal for your parents. I know people who cannot cook to save their lives. If you fall in this category, you can opt to randomly gift them.
  • Make tea for the night shift security guard at your residence.
  • Do a closet clear-out and donate some of your extras to charity.
  • Pay for an elderly person’s seat in a public transport vehicle (mat).
  • Do not interrupt when someone is speaking, just listen. My late uncle used to say:

Learn to Listen. Listen to Learn.

  • If you have a partner or best-friend, send them a list of 7 things that you love about them.
  • Be kind to any person offering you their services e.g. Cleaner, Uber Driver, Security Guard, Waiter, etc. Say hello or thank you, trust me, it goes a long way.
  • Allow someone with a few items to go ahead of you in the supermarket.
  • Make time for a friend who is going through a hard time. If you cannot be there physically, you could send them encouraging messages that will help them get through it.
  • Forgive someone who has wronged you and vouch to never bring up the issue again.

I hope that you participate in the challenge and spread kindness this last week of November. Tell a friend to tell a friend and have yourself a great week loves! Oh! Also remember that there will be a self-growth Sunday post every week until the end of December, so stay tuned! 🙂



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