You Are Not Your Skin, You Are Light

Not My Skin_Garnier.jpg

Hi Loves! How is your Sunday coming along? I started mine with an intense work-out session with my trainer and will probably end it with a pamper session with my girls.

Very recently, one of my childhood friends came out about her skin and acne battle. Her story is what inspired today’s Self Love Sunday post and I know that a lot of ladies can resonate with the situation. I really commend her bravery and confidence, considering the fact that we live in a generation where everyone wants to be seen as ‘perfect’.

I am one of those people who has been blessed with healthy glowing skin. So whenever it is that time of the month and I get a break out, no matter how little, people always ask “What’s wrong with your face?”, “Are you okay? Are you stressed?”, “What’s happening dear?”. And more often than not, that tampered with my esteem and confidence because I felt like there was something wrong with me cause there was something wrong with my skin. I was after all, my skin. And I cannot even begin to imagine the internal battles faced by those girls who constantly get serious acne breakouts.

This is for all those girls who feel like they are not enough just because of the flaws on their skin: not beautiful enough, not good enough, not worthy of love. Baby girl, you are beautiful, you are worthy and you are more than enough. Through my experience, I have learnt to simply love myself, just as I am. And I choose to do so fiercely, abundantly and without permission, so much so that when others see me, they know just how it should be done! 🙂

I am still learning: a work in progress, a storm that is rising, a seed that is growing and I hope that this post is helpful to someone. Always remember that you are light and in your journey, you are not alone. There are many of us just like you: battling the same things, learning, unlearning and evolving. Above all else, choose to love all  of you, even the parts that no one else does. Enjoy your day loves! 🙂


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