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Hey Loves! I hope you have all been doing well in the bipolar Nairobi weather that happens not to know whether to be hot or cold. Sigh! What have you guys been up to? I finally got done with my finals this week and since mid-March, I have been embarking on a conscious personal journey of self-love and self-discovery. There is no better feeling than working on yourself every single day and suddenly looking back to see and appreciate that you may not have achieved everything you desire but you are certainly not where you were when you started. Expressing self-love involves taking care of your skin because it boosts your confidence and quite frankly, makes you happier with how you look. Which brings me to the purpose of today’s post. I have been receiving a number of questions about the skin care products that I use and the routine that I follow, so I decided to share a detailed post about it. I am not a skin expert, I am just a girl with normal-combination skin sharing what works for her. Do grab a cup of coffee and enjoy! 🙂

Flat Lay


I have rather sensitive skin so I prefer to use mild products on my face. I normally use the Cussons or Johnson’s mild & gentle baby soap when I have a fresh face and the St. Ives cleanser as my makeup remover.


Eden & Nivea

My daily skin care routine when I have makeup involves cleansing toning and moisturizing. I use the Nivea toner which I really love, so much so that the bottle I’m using is almost through. However, I would like to try out a different brand because the alcohol in it tends to dry out my skin. I think I will just use Rose Water once the toner is over. However, I am open to any recommendations from you!

Dark Spot Treatment

For acne and/or dark spots, it is advisable to use products that have salicylic acid because it helps open pores, reduce oiliness and reduce discoloration. So whenever I have a break-out or a few dark spots that I would like to treat, I use the St. Ives Blemish Control scrub because it has salicylic acid. On the bottle they say it is a deep exfoliator but it is honestly too mild for a thorough scrub and can therefore be used every day. However, I only use it when I have a break out.

Sallacylic Acid


Scrub & Cotton

Every two weeks, my girls and I like to get together and catch up as we do a thorough skin care regimen which includes exfoliating, steaming and applying face masks. So after cleansing , I use the Eden face & body scrub. It is an amazing classic that I love because it is a thorough exfoliator and helps get rid of any flaky and/or dead skin. The only other scrub that I have used that is better than it is the face & body sugar scrub from Boots that not only works perfectly but also smells divine!


After a thorough rub, I rinse out the scrub from my face, pat it dry and steam with hot water for about 7 Minutes as I listen to Joel Osteen’s sermons or some random music mixes on Soundcloud. Steaming helps open and unclog the pores. It can also be quite relaxing when you add a few drops of essential oil to the water.

Vitamin C/E Products

St. Ives

I have a few dark spots on my cheeks & forehead and Vitamin E/C products tend to really help fade the dark marks and also give my skin a radiant glow. I have been using a random garlic mask I bought that surprisingly does not quite smell like garlic and it works wonders. The mask also helps in removing any dirt or oils that were in my pores. Once the mask is peeled off, my skin literally feels as smooth as a baby’s butt, I kid you not! 🙂

Home-Made Masks

You can never go wrong with a good ol’ home-made mask with ingredients that are readily available from your pantry. The turmeric, lemon/natural yogurt & honey mask is my favorite as it helps bring out a healthy & radiant glow.

Holy Grail: Natural Treatment

Now, this product cannot be bought at any shop because it is given freely by nature and I honestly swear by it. Growing up, my mom had the worst bout of acne and she was skeptical about using different products for fear that it could worsen the acne. That was when she discovered aloe vera and applied the actual aloe vera gel directly to her skin twice a day, religiously. Within a short period, the acne cleared, leaving behind little to no acne scars. She swore by it and till this day, she does not understand why I use so many processed skin care products when I have aloe vera. She introduced me to it when I was still in Primary School and I give all the credits for my clear skin to it! I use it as my moisturizer on a daily basis and whenever I have a zit in the evening, I simply wash my face, apply the gel on my entire face, focusing on the zit and it is usually much smaller by morning. When I have a break out, using aloe vera, religiously, twice a day consecutively for 2 weeks guarantees clear skin at the end. Having said that, kindly note that aloe vera is not magic and so it needs time to work.

Disclamer: Your man might stop giving those forehead kisses because as you may already know, aloe vera is quite bitter. But anything for the good skin mate! 🙂


Green Tea

Skin care is not just about the products you use but also about what you eat and/or drink as well. Plenty of fruits and copious amounts of water help to flash out any toxins from your body. If like me, you and drinking water are not homies, you can infuse your water with some lime, lemon, orange, cucumber or mint. I very much love the lime infusion which results in me drink about a litre of water a day. Another thing that also helps is green tea because it also helps flush out toxins from the body, resulting in radiant skin. It does not have a very pleasant taste so I tend to purchase the mint, raspberry or blackcurrant infused green teas, which I take 3-4 days a week.

It is also important to be cautious of your eating habits. For instance, If you have oily skin, it is advisable not to eat a lot of fatty foods because the fats tend to clog the pores from the inside out, forming of pimples.

Clean Brushes

I cannot stress this enough ladies, it is important to clean your brushes regularly. It is one thing I do not do as often as I should but it goes a long way!

Enough Sleep

It is called beauty sleep for a reason! However, it is another thing that I don’t really do often so I solely survive on coffee and God’s abundant Grace. Oh! And concealer, thank God for concealer!


As you invest in skin care products, be sure to know your skin-type and research on what works for you. There are so many products in the market and it can be so easy to get confused as to what to get and one may end up becoming a skin care junkie. What works for me may not necessarily work for you, so don’t use products because of so and so, use products that will work on your skin and also give you the desired results. With that being said, I really hope that this post has been helpful. Have an amazing weekend loves and feel free to share what you use as well as your skin care Holy Grail.

Love & Light! 🙂

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